We want to make honest and pressed nutrition accessible to everyone.


We get up real early to reach the farmers' markets and collect lots and lots of fresh produce, directly from the growers.


It's all carried back to our juice lab where we get busy and hand press every last bit of goodness from the natural ingredients.

We juice every single day so its always at its freshest when it reaches you.


Raw & Wholesome: 

The highest quality produce juiced, so there's no need for syrups, additives or preservatives.

Cold-pressed juice, wellbeing shots & juice programs.

Ways we make it accesible to you:

Flagship Bar

Delivered to your door

Vending Fridges


Juicing his way through university life, Nottingham born Naeem decided to follow his passion after graduating and open the city’s first dedicated juicery. With the help of his friends, he spent six months creating a purpose-built juicing kiosk.


Wholesome began as such in the city centre, pressing healthy juice for the passerby. The company was warmly embraced by the city’s Sheriff and received much accreditation for its positive contribution to the local community

In only a few years, they have grown to deliver pressed juice nationwide, feature on press outlets and stock drinks through a growing network of fitness and health studios.

The company's journey has been as organic as the very fruit they juice!

In 2018, Wholesome used a percentage of their profits to construct a water well in the Indian subcontinent, providing a small village with safe & clean water.  

Wholesome Juicery Water well project charity, social entrepreneurship


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