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Immune Pack

Vitamin packed juices ready to load your body with much needed nutrients and antioxidants.

If your energy feels low, or looking to reboot than these combination of juices provide the right dose!


The pack includes three juices and two shots. 

What You Get

Just like the trees, we must shed our leaves and juice before the winter to assist the body in the natural detoxification process that is already occurring and allow the body to reset itself.


Immune System Boost

Colder weather and shorter spells of sunshine call for anti-inflammatory nutrients to keep bugs at bay. Superfoods in the pack such as Grapefruit, Moringa, Pear are antioxidant rich with many minerals as well as being good sources of beta-carotene, vitamin C and folate.

Regulate Blood Sugar

 This juice pack helps in resetting your digestive system and harmonising your mental and emotional well-being, so that you can enter the colder months with a sense of stability and nourishment.

Juiced for you

We do all the work for you. Running to the farmers markets in the early mornings, choosing the best celery and juicing it all fresh into sealed bottles. Delivered to your door chilled for you to pop in your fridge.

I feel so good in my body since drinking organic celery juice in the mornings. Wholesome deliver it to my house each week and it's always fresh. 

Remi Longmore , Corporate Lawyer



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