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Flush the bad & load up on the good with a wholesome juice cleanse

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    Freshly Squeezed Juice

    To keep our juices of the highest quality, we hand press every cleanse on the very day it's delivered.

    There's no additives, freezing or other funny stuff.

    Juice Reviews

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    Juice Detox Benefits

    Wholesome juice programmes are all 100% freshly pressed plant based with no additives or preservatives.

    Every juice is made to order and shipped the very same day.

    Detox packages range from 1 - 3 days and help flush toxins, aid weight management, boost immune system for wellbeing, improve digestion and more.

    Is a juice diet safe?

    For sure! How the juice cleanse is completed is entirely up to you, with meals or without.

    All our drinks are made from simple fruit & vegetables, without any preservatives or chemicals whatsoever. 

    Should you suffer from a pre-existing medical conditions, we do advise you consult your medical practitioner before starting a cleanse program.

    There's no rules set-in-stone.


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    Fresh Flavours







    Shop your favourite flavours, Charcoal Lemonade, Citrus Mojito, Green juice and much more


    wholesome juicery

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    Can I eat on a juice cleanse?


    For sure! How the juice cleanse is completed is entirely up to you, with meals or without.

    The most important goal is to drink all the nutrition loaded within the juices.

    How to do a juice cleanse?


    There’s 5 juices per day, each different in flavour & benefits.


    The program has been designed by nutritionist to optimise the flushing of bad toxins from your body.

    Every package includes a chart of the separate stages the drinks take your body through.

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