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Celery Juice - What, When, How, Why??

So, we started off our blog by talking about why we choose to juice celery everyday but since then, Kim Kardashian only went and posted on her story about it and seeing as she has 124million followers, things have gone a little hectic so we thought best to reiterate why, how, when and what to do to start juicing your celery.

Celery Juice - Why?

There are tonnes of reasons why you need to start juicing celery, with great gratitude to Anthony William & his message from spirit he has been writing about the true healing benefits of Celery Juice for over 30 years and helping over 250,000 people to heal individually, some of the benefits are listed below;

1. Lowers Inflammation

2. Protects & Supports Liver Health

3. Flushes Toxins

4. Reduces Bloating

5. Aids & Heals Digestion

6. Helps Eczema & Psoriasis

7. Fights Hidden Viruses & Infections

8. Heals Acne

9. Helps To Prevent UTI's

10.Lowers Cholesterol

11.Heals Ulcers

12.Boosts The Immune System

13.Supports Oral Health

14.Diminishes Anxiety & Depression

Around 2 years ago prior to us starting on this natural healing journey to reverse our hashimotos/thyroiditis, we came across a blog of a woman who had written about healing her thyroid just by drinking celery juice every morning. She didn't mention or quote Anthony William, give any explanation as to why the celery juice healed the thyroid, what it was fighting and how much to have and when. To be honest, we did think about trying it but with little information on even what juicer to use etc we quickly forgot about it. We believe that celery juice alone has even more benefits and can fight diseases, viruses & infections but for the majority this can be a little "far fetched" to read about one herb alone.

Celery Juice - How?

We did a little research and found that investing in a slow masticating juicer, which gives you cold pressed juice, was the best way to go in terms of getting maximum nutrients out of the herb. This does not mean that you cannot also use a traditional blender or smoothie maker. Ideally using a nut milk bag to squeeze out the juice and separate from the pulp.

-Cut off the bulb, typically 1-1/2 bunches per person.

-Wash the stalks in warm water or if you have a natural dish soap you could use this too.

-Chop and put through your juicer until you have 16oz/500ml of juice.

-Drink in one, no ice, no added lemon etc. just straight celery.

Celery Juice - When?

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach with nothing added. Waiting around 15-30mins after drinking if you can but don't panic if you need to eat/drink right away, it's just about trying to give your digestive tract a chance to work.

For us, not only has celery juice healed a number of symptoms we were both experiencing such as but not limited to the below;



Wet & Itchy Inner Ear Constantly




Blocked/Constantly Runny Nose

Severe Dry/Cracking Skin


Tingling/Pins & Needles

Athletes Foot

Muscular Pain

Joint Pain/Aches

Thinning Eyebrows

Hair Loss

Brittle & Dry Hair

Dark Circles


Extreme Fatigue

Anxiety Significantly Reduced

Mood Swings Subsided

It also sets us up each day, giving us the best intentions of eating and supporting our body for what it needs. Not eating to loose weight, cut carbs, cut sugar, reduce cellulite or whatever else.

Just eating to support our mind & body. That's it!

The Celery Sisters - Celery Juice For Life


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